FC soldier martyred, 4 terrorists killed as security forces thwart attack on naval base in Turbat: ISPR

FC soldier martyred, 4 terrorists killed as security forces

The military’s public relations arm stated on Tuesday that security forces prevented an assault on a naval installation in Turbat yesterday night, resulting in the martyrdom of a soldier from the Balochistan Frontier Corps and the deaths of four terrorists.

FC soldier martyred, 4 terrorists killed as security forces thwart attack on naval base in Turbat:

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Terrorists tried to assault PNS Siddique at Turbat Wednesday night, according to a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). The “swift and effective response by the troops ensuring the safety and security of personnel and assets” was credited with thwarting the attempt.

“Nearby security forces were immediately mobilized to assist the naval troops.” In the subsequent combined clearing operation, all four terrorists were killed thanks to the armed forces’ coordinated and efficient reaction, the statement stated.

According to the ISPR, 24-year-old Sepoy Noman Fareed of the Balochistan Frontier Corps accepted death during the fierce gunfight.

Days before, the Gwadar Port Authority Complex was the target of a terrorist attempt that was thwarted by security personnel. Eight terrorists reportedly tried to infiltrate the compound last week, but security personnel were able to stop them, according to the ISPR. Eight terrorists were slain and two servicemen were martyred.

Saeed Ahmed Umrani, the Makran Commissioner, had previously informed Dawn that on Monday night, there had been reports of explosions and an intense firefight from the Turbat airport area.

He remarked over the phone from Turbat, “The armed men attacked from three sides of the airport boundary, but security forces responded immediately and foiled their attempt to infiltrate the premises.”

Not to be overlooked, PNS Siddique is one of the largest naval aviation bases in the nation.

Residents reported hearing more than a dozen explosions in Turbat town, and the gunfire started at approximately 10 p.m. and lasted far into the night.

The Majeed Brigade of the outlawed Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the assault.

The Prime Minister reiterates Pakistan’s resolve to end terrorism
Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, praised security personnel for stopping the terrorist assault in the interim. The premier noted that the extremists were neutralized as a result of the prompt and efficient response of security personnel, “preventing a potentially significant loss,” according to official radio Radio Pakistan.

Additionally, he reiterated Pakistan’s steadfast commitment to eliminating the threat posed by terrorists. PM Shehbaz emphasized that the brave security forces of the country have the support of the whole nation.

The security forces’ “swift and effective response” to “frustrate the attack” was commended by President Asif Ali Zardari.

He honored the fallen sepoy and praised the gallantry of the security personnel in a statement released by the President House. The president declared that he will eradicate terrorism from the nation.

The nation’s security forces were also praised by Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi. He added in a statement that prompt response by security personnel averted a disaster. He said, “The security forces bravely foiled the terrorists’ nefarious intentions.”

He reiterated the government’s commitment to ending militancy when he remarked, “The nation stands by the armed forces in the war against terrorism.”

Maryam Nawaz, the chief minister of Punjab, praised the bravery and heroism of the nation’s security services and reaffirmed the government’s steadfast commitment to eliminating terrorism.

Following the proscribed terrorist group Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan’s termination of its ceasefire with the government in November 2022, there has been a surge in terror operations in Pakistan during the last year, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

Following an ambush on two security force vehicles in Gwadar by terrorists in November, fourteen soldiers from the Pakistan Army lost their lives. In the coastal area, when the military trucks were traveling from Pasni to Ormara, they were attacked.

The Centre for Research and Security Studies released a security assessment last month that said that there were 97 terrorist strikes in Pakistan in February that left 118 people injured and 87 people dead.

The survey brought to light a marked increase in violence in Balochistan, in contrast to a decrease in tribal areas and KP on the mainland.

Deaths of four terrorists in DI Khan IBO
Four terrorists were killed on Monday during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in Dera Ismail Khan, according to a supplementary statement from the ISPR.

“Four terrorists, including terrorist Mustafa, terrorist Qismatullah, and terrorist Islamuddin, were sent to hell during the conduct of operation, following an intense fire exchange,” the ISPR said.

“The terrorists who were slain continued to be actively engaged in a number of terrorist attacks against law enforcement and the murder of innocent people. From dead terrorists, weapons, ammo, and explosives were also found,” the statement said.

Residents in the region were grateful for the operation. The ISPR said that “as the security forces are determined to wipe out the menace of terrorism from the country, a sanitation operation is being carried out to eliminate any other terrorist found in the area.”

Explosion of grenades close to key organizations’ offices in Noshki
Later that day, Noshki’s sensitive institution offices were the scene of a grenade explosion, according to Deputy Commissioner (DC) Habibullah Musakhel.

There were no casualties, he claimed, adding that “a hand grenade fell near the offices of a sensitive institution and exploded with a loud bang.”

According to the DC, the culprits started shooting following the explosion. He continued by saying that the area had been encircled by police and other law enforcement personnel, who were looking for the offenders.

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